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Corporate Pizza Catering

by Il Maestro Pizzaiolo in Miami

Impress your Colleagues and co-workers with a memorable and fun Pizza day at the office. Our corporate catering service offers you everything you need to create a delicious and professional Pizza experience. We boast a wide variety of options to accommodate any size gathering, from small executive meetings to company-wide celebrations, reach out to us for a free consult.


Gluten Free Options


Buffet Style Pizza Stations

Executive Pizza Tasting Experience

Great for company wide Events

Team Building Pizza Classes

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Take your Office Pizza Party to the Next level.

Experience il Maestro Pizzaiolo: Tradition, heritage, and premium ingredients you can taste. Our corporate catering service elevates your event with a delicious and professional Pizza dining experience. We use only the highest quality, seasonal ingredients to create mouthwatering Pizza that will impress your guests.

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Tradition, heritage, and premium ingredients make up our unforgettable experience.