Tradition, heritage, and premium ingredients make up our unforgettable experience.

Pizza Classes

il Maestro Pizzaiolo offers a unique environment for people to connect with and learn about the art of making pizza while using top quality ingredients in the comfort of your own home. 

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Tradition and heritage at your fingertips


We begin our class with a quick 20 minute lecture about pizza, and how this iconic food is intimately intertwined with our culture, heritage and tradition both in Italy and around the world.

Dough Making WorkShop

After our lecture we will move on to our hands on activity. Alongside with il Maestro pizzaiolo himself you will learn how to prepare the perfect dough to make authentic Neapolitan style pizzas. 

Pizza Preparation

Once your dough is prepped we will continue to the second part of our “hands on” activity. We will learn to stretch the dough balls utilizing dough that has been previously proofed  and fermented by our team to ensure that your pizzas are always up to par. 


After all that hard manual labor of prepping and stretching the dough it’s time for your to sit back, relax and enjoy a truly authentic italian culinary experience. During the last portion of our pizza class we will have our sit down dinner, where il Maestro pizzaiolo will provide you with a tasting menu of his most iconic and most savory culinary creations. 

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Tradition, heritage, and premium ingredients make up our unforgettable experience.