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First choose the right pizza station depending on the amount of pizzas you would like to order. Our Pizza stations all come equipped with everything you need to bake and serve our delicious culinary creations. We’ll start serving the food at the established start time on the reservation, so please be mindful of our time. We typically require about 45 minutes to set up the pizza station and another 30 minutes to break it down. Within this invoice we calculate our service and delivery charge as well as the rental fee for the equipment we need to perform your event so you wouldn’t have to pay any additional fees.

We bring the ovens, and all the necessary furniture for our Pop Up Pizzeria! We set a complete pizza station with a buffet style table and provide disposable plates, utensils and napkins. You only have to worry about the bar, we recommend something sprit-zy and sparkling or beer.

Choose the perfect date & time, # of pizzas that you would like for your catering event. Follow the prompt for our automated booking system, and go through our Check out and we will be there to make your event memorable.

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"Close-up of a delicious pizza with a crispy crust, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, pepperoni slices, and fresh basil leaves, baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven."
  • Up to 20 pizzas
  • 2 – Ovens
  • 1 – Wooden Table
  • 1 – Topping Table
  • 1 – Presentation Table
  • 1 – Propane tank
  • 1 – Oven Table
  • 1 – Canopy
  • 1 – Delivery Fee
  • 2 – Service Fee
  • Up to 40 pizzas
  • 3 – Oven
  • 1 – Wooden Table
  • 2 – Topping Table
  • 1 – Presentation Table
  • 2 – Propane tank
  • 2 – Oven Table
  • 1 – Canopy
  • 2 – Delivery Fee
  • 3 – Service Fee
  • Up to 80 pizzas
  • 4 – Oven
  • 1 – Wooden Table
  • 2 – Topping Table
  • 1 – Presentation Table
  • 3 – Propane tank
  • 3 – Oven Table
  • 1 – Canopy
  • 3 – Delivery Fee
  • 4 – Service Fee

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Once you’ve decided on the perfect date and time of your catering event we prefer a minimum 72-hour notice which will allow us enough time to proof our dough for 48 hours so that they uphold the Standard of il Maestro. Which contemplates the use of only the best quality organic and fresh ingredients for the preparation of our artisanal and authentic pizzas.


What is a better way to host than with us? ⁠⁣ Our events on average last 3 hours, but please note that we require 45 minutes to prepare our stand before the event and an additional half an hour to clean up and dismantle our work station.


We offer a carefully crafted tasting menu of our best plates for our catered events.  Please check our menu page for more information.  Menu alterations are possible upon request for clients with special dietary and nutritional needs.

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At il Maestro Pizzaiolo we think about everything on your behalf so that you can relax and enjoy yourself during such an important event. We are not only worried about prepping the food. We think about every detail to make your experience truly unforgettable, if you have any additional questions regarding our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

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